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How social media pros get it done (and how you can, too) ft. InSeek Identity

Are you running your own biz and struggling to stay on top of your socials? Could you do with some killer insider knowledge and cheeky time-saving secrets from a social media agency?

Guest blog incoming! Today, brand and social media expert Ash, founder of InSeek Identity, is giving us the full social rundown — from why it’s so dang important to be on top of your social media marketing, to how her own approach to social media for biz has changed over time. 

Grab your pen and paper as she’s about to dish up some seriously good crap-cutting tips and content ideas made easy…

Hey Ash — for those that don’t know you (yet) — who are you, what do you do and how do you help small biz?! 

Hello lovely! I’m Ash and I’m the founder of InSeek Identity — a boutique creative agency that helps busy businesses become go-to online brands.

And my clients? They’re absolute rockstars at what they do. They’re passionate, they’re smart and the services they offer solve a real problem for their audience. 

But guess what? 9.99 times outta 10 their social media just doesn’t reflect that. 

And they’ve come to realise that by not putting their best foot forward on social media, they’re doing their businesses and themselves a huge disservice!

Ok, so tell us why social media marketing is the (absolute) bees-knees then?

Honestly? I don’t think the scale of competition that exists for small businesses today has ever existed before. Australia has 2.3 million small businesses and counting!

Luckily for all of the small business owners out there, there are now more than 4.2 billion active social media users across the globe. 

So if you’re not taking advantage of social media? Well, you’re missing out on a fast, inexpensive, and effective way to reach a heck load of potential customers.

Not to mention 71% of consumers are more likely to make purchases based on social media referrals

But sadly you can’t just exist on social media. You have to stand out. You have to capture attention but you have to do it authentically

You could have a website that looks top notch but if a potential customer then searches for you on Instagram and it all looks a bit amateur hour? You’re in trouble…

You’ve built up quite a social media following (on Instagram in particular)! What’s your secret sauce?

My biggest tip for anyone getting started with social media marketing for their business would be to ENGAGE. Look for ways to engage with your audience, don’t just speak at them all day long. I would (and still do) spend a lot of my time creating polls, for example.

Ask questions of your audience like “which logo do you prefer?” or “which topic should I talk about next?”. These are great ways to get your audience engaged and invested in the content you’re posting.

Your audience wants to be a part of your journey, so let them be!

Equally, look for opportunities to engage beyond just your own audience. If you’ve produced something for a client, share it on your socials and encourage your client to share it to their accounts too! 

When I boil down the success I’ve had with social media to date, these are two ingredients that were essential to getting to where I am today.

Small business owners are typically time poor. Do you have any time-saving tips for those folks who are juggling all-the-things?

You bet I do! It’s an easy one, too: STOP. TRYING. TO. BE. EVERYWHERE.

On Instagram, for example, don’t put pressure on yourself to post IGTV’s, reels, video posts, carousels, and stories. 

This has been an absolute game changer for my business. These days, I focus almost exclusively on consistently posting carousels and reels on Instagram. Everything else can wait

And as a result? My audience knows when they can expect to see a reel from me or a handy carousel. Because I’m not trying to be everywhere, all the time. 

The last thing you want is to overwhelm your audience or hammer them over the head with content every second of the day. We’re all busy! So, pick your moment and make it count.

Consistently posting sounds great in theory, but how the heck do you come up with new content ideas every damn week?

Keep your mind open to ideas! There are content ideas out there everywhere if you’re paying attention. For example, every time a friend asks me a business question I think to myself “oooh that could be a good social media post.”

Equally, if you’re really struggling with something in your business or wanting to learn more about a certain topic or type of software, it’s likely other people out there are too!

I get ideas while I’m in the car, the shower, when I’m listening to a podcast, or reading a book. Keep your mind open to ideas and you’ll honestly start seeing them everywhere. 

Just make sure you have a pen handy (or your phone) so you can write them down!

What was your attitude towards social media marketing when you first started InSeek Identity?

I’ve always been very focused on growing my audience on both Facebook and Instagram. I saw them as really powerful channels for marketing my business, and honestly they still are.

My content in those early days? It was very centralised around showcasing the work I was doing for clients and providing practical design tips. And these are two content pillars I use in my business to this day!

How has your approach to social media changed as your business has grown?

I think the biggest difference between now and back then is my social media strategy. In those earlier days, I was a little less laser-focused on what types of content we’re really driving results for the business.

These days, though? I have six pillars that underpin every post I make to our social media accounts. And these are based on types of content that I’m confident will drive business results because they’ve worked for the business in the past. 

Looking for more wisdom from the creative (and socially savvy) Ash? Check out the InSeek Identity website here.

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