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5 simple ways to increase your lead magnet downloads

You may have a lead magnet ready to go (and if not, you can visit this blog and learn why it’s a very good idea to have one), but what kind of lead magnet strategy should you be using to maximise your results? 

Your challenge is three-fold: creating an irresistible piece of downloadable content, wrapping it up with the right marketing copy, and getting it in front of the right peepers. 

If you wanna get the most out of your efforts, then you need to be using a multi-pronged lead magnet strategy, that includes:

1. Creating a landing page for your lead magnet

The first step is creating a lead magnet landing page so it can live on your website. This is the most important step – because no matter where else you advertise your lead magnet, it should always ultimately link back to your landing page. 

Your landing page should have a form, where your leads can opt-in to receive your freebie and further communications. 

It’s important to note that just because your lead magnet may be free, doesn’t mean people will automatically be keen to swap their deets for it. So, treat your lead magnet marketing just as you would for the rest of your products and services. 

“Sell” the content of your lead magnet to your audience, making sure to highlight what’s inside and how they’ll feel after downloading it. 

2. Adding a sticky header to your website

With a landing page to navigate to, you can now add a sticky header or a pop-up to your home page. A sticky header is a fixed navigation bar that stays visible as you scroll. Adding this to your website attracts the attention of your visitor and they might just click through to find out more. 

3. Promoting your lead magnet in your social bios and email signature 

You can add a link to download your lead magnet wherever you fancy, but we would highly recommend pasting a link in your social bios and in your email signature. It’s a bit of lead magnet marketing that might just catch someone’s eye. 

For example, you can add a section to the bottom of your email signature with an enticing CTA. If you’re communicating with a new lead, it’s a great way to subtlety convey your expertise. And for old faithful clients, they’ll be happy to receive a value-packed freebie from a brand they love.  

4. Promote your lead magnet with paid ads

If you really want to increase your chances of attracting new leads, paid ads might be the way to go. Using your organic reach is a great start, but if you want to cast a wider net, try your hand at Facebook ads. 

Make your graphic visually appealing and keep your caption to a line or two at most. If there’s too much text, your average scroller probably won’t stop to investigate further.

5. Promote your lead magnet in your marketing emails

This one obviously won’t increase your total subscriber count, but it might earn you some extra brownie points from your existing audience.

Do you have a weekly or monthly newsletter you send to your mailing list? Would it make sense to add it to one of your automations? Add a footer with a CTA to download your freebie. 

You can add a CTA to any piece of content you put out – so get creative and find unique ways to go about your lead magnet marketing.

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