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Use your brand voice in these often overlooked places

Does your business have a brand tone of voice guide? If not, STOP what you’re doing right now, read this blog, and start makin’ it happen (I promise, you won’t regret it). 

If you’ve already got a brand tone of voice guide, kudos to you my word-y friend!

Once you’ve defined your brand tone of voice, there are endless opportunities to deliver on it. 

By doing so, you’re presenting a stronger brand identity to your audience. And who doesn’t love consistency? It’s memorable. And it screams professionalism, trustworthiness and attention to detail. 

But social media platforms and your website aren’t the only places you should be exercising your new word confidence.

So, without further ado, here are a few places you may not have thought to inject a lil bit o’ brand tone of voice. Get ready to step things up a notch. 

1. Inject your brand tone of voice into your “out of office” emails 

An awesome opportunity to surprise and delight your existing clients — and intrigue those leaving enquiries. 

For existing clients, an out of office message with a bit of humour and personality will only make em’ love ya even more. 

And for those enquiring? It gives them a taste of what your business is all about. Plus, aligning your internal messaging with your online presence makes sure their experience with your brand is consistent. 

brand tone of voice

2. Use your brand tone of voice in your email subject lines

First of all, writing an intriguing email subject line is HARD. You might not think it, but those (maximum) ten words? Need some serious thought put into them. 

It can be tempting to just smash an email subject line out, including a basic outline about the content inside and nothing more. But, I challenge you to write your subject lines in your brand’s tone of voice. 

Yep, a subject line is the perfect place to do this. Check out the subject lines I’ve included below for some examples.

brand tone of voice examples

3. Add your brand tone of voice to your email signature

Your email signature isn’t just a place to say “kind regards” and “thanks” (although manners are important). They’re also a spot to include your branding (think business logo & colours), contact deets and a call to action of your choosing. 

There is 100% room to use your brand tone of voice at the bottom of a seemingly monotonous email. Think of your email signature as the ribbon tying your correspondence together. It should be professional, practical and a place to connect and engage with your clients. 

brand tone of voice example

4. Include your brand tone of voice in your invoices 

Ah, invoices. The bread ‘n’ butter of any business. Normally, they’re informational, dry and to-the-point. When money is involved, we, as people, usually keep things strictly business. 

If you feel comfortable with it (and if you think your clients would get a kick out of it, which, I’m willing to bet they would), add some flair to your invoice. 

Every doc is a chance to cement your branding, and an invoice that strays from the path and reads in your brand voice? Makes paying the bills a little easier for all involved. 

brand tone of voice examples

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