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content marketing strategy for small business

The secret sauce that underpins marketing that works. 

ready to confidently (and seamlessly) market your small business? 

Content marketing strategy with stairway

Nail the art of promoting your brand and watch the *right* leads consistently roll in.

All because you know what to say and where and when to say it. 

your small business content marketing strategy


  • A detailed analysis of your target audience — their thoughts, desires, frustrations and self-beliefs — so we can create content so aligned to their needs they’ll think we’re psychic
  • Clarity on the unique selling points that separate you from the rest
  • Development of a brand voice that aligns with your values, resonates with your audience and stands out from your competitors
  • Content topics mapped out for you for 12 months so you can take your audience on a journey that has been expertly designed to guide them to purchase
  • Expert guidance on which marketing channels to prioritise and what types of content you should be sharing on each
  • Clearly defined marketing goals for the year, with a prioritised list of actions and clear guidelines for measuring your progress

investment: $2,760 + gst


content marketing strategy for small business



STEP 1 – researchin’

Coupling a deep dive session with our own research, we’ll get to know you, your goals, your customers, your current marketing efforts, and your industry — in a nitty gritty level of detail.

content marketing strategy for small business

STEP 2 – plannin’

We’ll buckle down to develop your
content strategy! We’ll present our strategic recommendations to you in a 60 minute Zoom meeting, answering any questions you have along the way.

content marketing strategy for small business

STEP 3 – doin’

It’s over to you to carry out our recommendations. If you need a hand, we can provide ongoing support in our areas of expertise, or connect you with our trusted partners for jobs outside our genius zone.


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