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Grow your email list and convert more of your subscribers into customers by leveraging smart email automations and campaigns that keep your audience hungry for more.

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Craving a more authentic, energy-efficient way to market your business? 
Want converting customers to feel easier and happen more?

Email marketing is the answer.

But not just any old kind of email marketing. You need what I like to call – emails with impact.

email marketing strategy

If you wanna start maximising your email conversions (and building quality relationships with your audience) you need to know what to say and when to say it.

What’s included:

  • A content plan based on what’s going on in the minds of your ideal customers so can nail the art of sharing the right content at exactly the right moment.
  • Crystal clarity on when and how to move from educating your audience to selling to them.
  • Breaking down the role of email automation vs. email newsletters
  • Personalised recommendations for growing your email list quickly and cheaply (plus paid options  for those that wanna leave no stone unturned).
  • Clearly defined email marketing goals and the next steps needed to make ’em happen!
  • Expert guidance on measuring your email marketing performance – metrics to celebrate and alarm bells to look out for.

investment: $2,760 + gst


Put our email marketing skills at your disposal for the day! With 7 hours of uninterrupted email wizardry we could:

  • Implement a personalised list building strategy, so your consistently adding the right leads to your email list and priming them for conversion from the get-go; OR
  • Launch a multi-email re-engagement campaign to reignite your relationship with your existing subscribers – perfect for you if you’ve gone MIA on your email list or aren’t seeing the email conversion results you’d like to be; OR
  • Setup a seriously smart email sequence for an upcoming launch, perfect for nurturing your subscribers into paying customers.
Got something else in mind? Get in touch to see if we can make your email marketing dreams a reality.

investment: $2,000 + GST


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