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These 5 Aussie brand voice examples are *chefs kiss*

Looking for some brand voice examples to inspire you? 

Well looky right over here because we’ve curated some of our favourite brand voice examples and whacked them in a handy list for your perusal. 

The best bit? 

They’re all Aussie legends and they’re some of the best brand voice examples going around. If you’re stuck on how to develop the brand tone of voice for your small business, this is the place to start. 


Who are they? Witty, down to earth and making your business finances sound oh so easy (and… um…  kinda fun?), OH NINE are the laid-back bookkeepers who are 100% there FOR YOU in your Xero journey. 

Brand voice highlights: Aussie through and through, the team play up their no-frills nature with references to beers cheersing, Bunnings runs and mushed-up small business brains (#feels). 

If we were to guess their brand persona? A loveable surfer with a laptop in one hand, a Bunnings snag in the other and a wicked glint flickering away in her switched-on eyes. That’s OH NINE’s brand voice down to a visualised-tee. 

2. Go-To Skincare

Who are they? A brand that’s makin; skincare useful, simple, effective, trustworthy and fun, for as many people as possible.

Brand voice highlights: Cute, friendly and easy peasy, Go-To have developed a brand voice jam packed with authenticity and fun! When you’re founded by the famously hilarious Zoe Foster Blake, it’s no wonder your brand voice is an absolute delight to read. Go-To manage what many brands can’t — they sound like a real person. A person you’d wanna wine and mask with. 

If we were to guess their brand persona? The loveable goofball. She’s quick witted, effortlessly cool and she just gets ya. After every conversation with her, you always leave with a big ole grin on your face.

3. The Digital Picnic

Who are they? A digital marketing agency that also happens to be the nicest place on the internet (fo’ realz).

Brand voice highlights: This business puts the human in marketing — that’s right, they have such a surplus of humanity, so they’re giving it away to all the marketing agencies who have none. Other words that spring to mind when it comes to TDP’s tone of voice? Genuine. Funny. Raw. Excitable. #whatacombo

If we were to guess their brand persona? They’re your quietly confident and sunshine-y older sister who loves all the colours, spends her weekends rescuing and rehabilitating greyhounds and always keeps it real with you. You wanna be like her when you grow up. 

4. Who gives a crap

Who are they? Good for the world (and for your bum), Who Gives A Crap are a cheeky, playful toilet paper company that ain’t scared to talk about the forbidden C word (💩). 

Brand voice highlights: These guys put their social responsibility first, boasting recycled products that make a difference. For them, it’s all about the impact. And their copy supports their values every paragraph of the way. With an uplifting and feel-good tone, every description and header is used as an opportunity to play AND reinforce their brand goals. 

If we were to guess their brand persona? The volunteer fundraisers in your local community that you miraculously don’t want to dodge — they’re friendly, funny and they remember your name every time they see you. They make you feel bright and gooey, like a goddamn lemon meringue. 

5. The Founders Team

Who are they? A small business community that provides support and accountability to help business owners take their businesses from here to → wherever the heck you want.

Brand voice highlights: For business owners, by business owners. Ya know what that means? Their brand voice offers absolutely no BS, just bucket loads of smarts, support, and much needed optimism. 

If we were to guess their brand persona? Your business bestie who’s down to listen to all your rants but is definitely going to pull you up when you’re in the wrong (and will probably do it over a cocktail). An uplifting queen who delivers hard truths, nicely. Sounds productive to me.

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