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What is a brand voice? And does yours actually matter?

If you’ve had a scroll through your fave brand’s Insta or stalked your biggest competitor’s website, you’ve probably noticed two things: 1) They’re crushing it, and 2) their messaging is pretty distinctive (aka it just sounds so damn THEM). 

That’s what we in the biz like to call ‘brand voice’. 

It’s essentially your brand’s personality (or identity) shining through in the form of your written (and verbal) communications. 

Your brand voice should be recognisable and deliberate across every platform — from your website, to your social media tone of voice, to the ‘thank you’ notes you send to your clients during the festive season. 

It’s also *so* much more than just a ‘style’ choice. 

Your brand voice is what your customers read when they first come into contact with you. It’s how they figure out what your business values and whether they align with them. 

It’s not only what you say — but how you say it. 

Through brand voice, your customers will get to know and understand your brand. Communication is the key to success in any relationship — so, honestly, it’s pretty bloody fundamental to your success.

Let’s get into the why of it all…

1. Your customers will grow to recognise you by your brand voice

You get a text and before you even check the ID, you know who’s sent it. How? 

You automatically recognise how that specific person communicates. 

That’s the goal with your brand voice. 

When your customers read your copy, they should recognise your voice immediately. And what’s your voice made up of? Language choices, tone, underlying values, emojis — anything that can be interpreted and perceived by someone else. 

The goal is to be recognised by your content first. 

2. Your brand voice makes you spesh 

Your business offering might not be the *most* unique, but you know what is? Your brand voice. 

You can make your business special simply by having a strong one. 

Looking for a good brand voice example? Check out Frank Body

Their deal? Starting with only a coffee scrub in their lineup, they harnessed some seriously witty messaging, nailed their product copy and created a whole dang personality that connected with their audience. 

It might have started as just a coffee scrub, but damn, Frank has some sass. 

Just to clarify: I’m not saying you have to be sassy, or you have to be outrageous, or you have to throw around the f bomb to stand out in a saturated market. 

You just need to find what makes you sound a little bit different and a little bit more like you. Then stick with it —  if your brand is memorable, they’ll keep coming back. 

3. Your brand voice builds a connection with your audience

You know what the consequence of having a special, recognisable and memorable brand voice is? Having a cracker of a connection with your audience. 

After all, a brand voice is about making your brand appear more personable and human. 

And people are always looking for connection (it’s kinda the human-being-jam). So, when you stumble across a brand that speaks to you as a person? Something just clicks. 

In fact, having a brand voice (better yet, a strong brand voice) helps to increase trust with your audience and build brand credibility. 

Keep in mind — your brand voice can’t possibly relate to everyone. Your language might hit a nerve with some; others might not find your tone engaging. And that’s okay! They’re not your target audience. 

4. Your brand voice will help increase your revenue

People value consistency — it makes brands feel familiar and trustworthy. So, is it any wonder brands who flaunt a consistent tone also see an increase in their revenue?  

For example, if you were to hop onto Domino’s Facebook page (which I have been known to do on occasion), then you’d pretty quickly recognise their brand voice on social media. 

It’s cheeky, playful and usually incorporates pop culture references and memes. 

Oh, and another big thing: it always sounds like the same person jumping on the keyboard and punching in their social media captions. 

The thing is — Domino’s didn’t always have the digital presence it did today. In fact, it didn’t used to be all that popular at all. Remember when Pizza Hut was all the rage? 

And now? Domino’s is the largest pizza chain in the world, having beaten out it’s top competitor in terms of locations and revenue. 

I’m not claiming it was all down to their brand voice, but one of the major reasons they managed to swipe the top spot was their digital marketing.

And oh boy, did it bring in the big bucks. 

We know you’re not a billion dollar chain (and hey, neither are we!), but I reckon we can still cook up something pretty spesh for your brand. Take a look at our copywriting services if you’re searching for a voice that truly sings. 

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