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How email marketing sales helped me to double my launch revenue

Want to make more email marketing sales in your next launch?

Website template designer extraordinaire, Emma Troy, shares her approach, including how she uses email marketing to warm her audience and increase revenue during her product launches!

A few years ago, Emma jumped headfirst into the email marketing trenches and got busy. She set up campaigns, got down to converting and has been happily emailing ever since. 

Wanna know how Emma got started and how her approach to email marketing has changed over the years? Let’s go! 

Hi Emma! To get things started, could you please tell our lovely readers who you are and what you do?

Hey! I’m Emma Troy, a brand and Showit website designer, helping entrepreneurs build brands and launch websites that illustrate their story and illuminate their value. 

I’m most passionate about helping businesses turn their websites into money-making masterpieces which is why I offer both custom brand and web design as well as website templates for DIYers.

When did you first decide to try email marketing (and have your email marketing sales been as plentiful as you’d hoped)? 

I’ve been dabbling in email marketing for around 4 years and it started out as a way to capture leads for my 1:1 services. In the beginning, I was not consistent with my communication so there were no real rewards. 

At the end of 2019 I decided to launch website templates and knew that I needed to engage an entirely new audience who were interested in DIY over done-for-you. So I decided to set up a lead magnet and by January 2020, I was capturing new leads daily. 

From the outset, I nurtured these fresh subscribers weekly before launching my templates 4 months later and while my first launch was small, I definitely credit my email marketing efforts because they created a warm audience. 

Since then, I’ve continued to consistently (every week) nurture my leads and with each launch I have doubled my email marketing sales – often with 6 months in between selling periods. 

Has your approach to email marketing changed as your business has?

Absolutely. Switching from a predominately service based business to a product based business has meant that email marketing now plays a much bigger role in warming my audience. 

There are no Zoom calls to put customers at ease, barely any word of mouth referrals and the majority of my audience now are cold – they haven’t had many interactions with my brand. 

Today, email marketing is one of the most important ways in which I build relationships and trust. It’s how I turn cold leads into paying customers.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe you’ve been managing your own email marketing for a while now. What made you reach out for some help? 

I had decided to switch email marketing platforms because I wanted to get a little more strategic with it and realised my existing platform lacked some of the tech to do so. 

While I am confident with tech and new email marketing software (*cough* I’m a web designer, after all) my list was large, I had zero knowledge of the new platform (hello ActiveCampaign!), and I wanted to get more strategic. 

This would mean setting aside a lot of time to research and implement myself which I just don’t have as my business grows. 

I wanted to engage an email marketing expert and get it set up correctly from the start to ensure that the switch was worthwhile and most importantly, to guarantee that my email marketing efforts were optimised for conversion. 

What was it that made you decide to switch to ActiveCampaign? What platform were you using before?

I was using Flodesk which, by the way, I still do love (and miss a little) because of its ease of use and beautiful templates. It’s wonderful if you’re starting out and are after something simple and cost effective. 

But, Flodesk lacked intricate automation and funnels which meant I couldn’t tailor and customise user experience. I really wanted to give each lead a unique experience based on their needs and interests; something that felt more personal. 

After a lot of research I discovered that ActiveCampaign was the best fit. 

What role does email marketing play in your marketing strategy?

Email marketing has played a huge role in my growth and building trust with my audience. I believe it’s the main reason why my templates sell consistently and why each launch is bigger and better. 

Email marketing has not only helped me grow my audience, but nurture it as well. It is one of my main marketing strategies. 

Paired with Facebook ads and affiliate marketing, email marketing plays a very important role in ensuring all new leads are nurtured and allows people to get to know me, like me, and trust me.

It’s the driving force of my content creation where new content is created specifically for my weekly emails, and then repurposed for Instagram and blog posts. 

Do you have any advice for small business owners just getting started with email marketing?

Don’t over complicate it. 

Start by being consistent rather than worrying so much about your content or the perfect looking email. 

Always consider your audience and ways you can connect with them and remember the power of engagement. 

Some people might consider Instagram as the go-to place to build connections but if you ask your reader to hit reply and let you know what content they want or how you can best help them then you might be pleasantly surprised – I’ve built some of my best customer relationships over email rather than in the DM’s. 

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