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5 big blog writing benefits for small susiness

You might think blog writing is an absolute faff. You don’t have time to do it, writing isn’t your forte and quite frankly, you’re wondering who’s actually going to read what you put out. All in all, you think it’s a complete waste of time — right? 

Except, it isn’t. And you should be doing it. For one simple reason: blog writing increases your chances of being seen. Without having to spend the big bucks on Google Ads. 

But that’s not all blog writing can do for your business. Let’s break it down. 

1. Blog writing increases your website visibility  

How does that work? 

Well, blog writing adds pages to your website, giving you more opportunity to show up in searches

A blog post is essentially creating another doorway into your website. The more doors (or windows, you get the metaphor), the higher visibility your business will have and the greater chance of someone clicking on your site and stumbling onto your services page (or mailing list). Organic traffic, unlocked! 

From an SEO standpoint, having blog pages means you can link internally. Internal linking means linking to other pages within your website. This makes your website more user-friendly, encourages visitors to spend more time on your site, decreases your bounce rate, and impresses Google. 

The goal of internal linking is to devise a thoughtful, value-filled path for your users to follow so they better understand who you are, what you do and why they should care (and buy!). 

2. Blog writing helps establish authority 

Business blog writing allows you to demonstrate your expertise in your industry and become an authority. What does that mean? By blog writing, your content will start to garner the respect and trust of your peers and customers. 

A blog showcases your knowledge and demonstrates your mastery. It’s proof that you know what you’re doing

But just starting a blog doesn’t automatically demonstrate your expertise. Your content should be well-researched, relevant and polished. Expertise comes from providing value, consistently. 

Keep at your blog and you’ll slowly build a rich portfolio of your experience and expertise. As time goes on, you’ll be rewarded by more enquiries and stronger customer relationships for your efforts.

There are also search engine optimisation (SEO) benefits. 

Having other websites, blogs and articles backlink to your blog, shows that your content is supported by others, making your website more likely to show up in search results. 

Search engines are always on the hunt for votes of confidence — aka industry leaders to point to. 

3. By blog writing you can subtly promote your services and educate your customers 

This is a goodun! A business blog gives your customers and leads a clear insight into your services and educates them while doing it. 

Sometimes there isn’t enough room to write everything you’d want to in your product and services pages. As a business owner, it’s likely that you could go on at length about the benefits of your offering and why your customer really does need it. 

Your blog is the perfect place to do that in a way that is informative and diverse.

You can also shape your blog content around your service list, taking a deep-dive into commonly asked questions and commonly searched for phrases. 

People might come to your blog first, be enthralled by your educational content and obvious industry prowess, then decide to jump onto your mailing list. Down the line, you’ll likely convert them into a customer. 

4. Blog writing can help you grow your mailing list

Increasing organic traffic to your website is fantastic, but you know what’s even better? Getting an email address. That’s where leads turn into customers. 

Once your blog has done the hard work of driving traffic to your website, you can guide people towards your mailing list. There’s a number of ways to do this — you could offer a free product or tantalise them with exclusivity or hit them with a pop up option upon entry. It’s up to you! 

Having the power to stay in contact with your leads after they’ve left your page is powerful and necessary to your business’s growth. 

5. You can re-use your blog content 

Work smarter, not harder! 

There’s a reason 66% of marketers use blog content on their socials. It’s shareable and educational. You’ve already put the resources into creating a solid piece of content, you may as well get some mileage out of it. 

Not to mention, repurposing content on other channels and linking to your website drives more traffic. 

It doesn’t need to stop there. You can continue repurposing your content, updating and re-promoting your blogs with newer information (we recommend reusing your blog content 2-3 times) and even turning them into eBooks or whitepapers.

The options aren’t exactly endless, but they’re pretty damn close to. 

Ready to start blogging? Or give your existing blog a facelift? 

As I hope you now understand, blogging is a serious marketing tool you can use to promote your offering, boost your visibility, attract new customers and upsell to existing ones.

Sounds like a win-win-win-win. 

If you need help coming up with blog content ideas or crafting some killer blog copy you can always call in some blogging-backup. 

Explore our blog writing services now. Happy blogging! 

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