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How NOT to choose your email marketing platform

It’s no secret that online forums like Facebook Groups are great for recommendations. Whether you’re looking for a new business coach or new moisturiser, go to the right group and you can get some great recommendations. 

But here’s the thing: the keyword in that last sentence was “right.” 

For example, I’m probably not going to ask my sibling group for moisturiser recommendations. My two brothers – unfortunately for them and me – aren’t the most skin-savvy humans I know. 

Just like I’m probably not going to ask my soccer team for business coach recommendations. 

But those are some obvious examples. 

Post a business-related question like “what email marketing platform should I use?” into a business-related Facebook Group and you might be thinking you’ve nailed it. I see that question get posted all the time. And I see the responses that roll in. 

Responses like:

“I’ve just started using ActiveCampaign and it’s great!”

MailerLite is pretty easy to set up.”

Flodesk is my fave because it has such beautiful emails.”

And to be honest, this makes me very nervous. Because popular doesn’t always = best for you. And just because someone else has had a positive experience with a particular email marketing platform, doesn’t mean you will. 

If I see that question pop up in a Facebook group I’m in, my response is:

“It depends.”

I know, I know. Unsatisfying right? But it really does. 

What does it depend on? I am so glad you asked. 

Comparing email marketing platforms in Australia

1. Your budget 

There are many email marketing platforms out there at many different price points. So I’d recommend avoiding options that you know are out of your league. There is no shame in knowing what you can afford and sticking to it.

2. The email marketing knowledge available to you 

Whether it’s your own or outsourced support you intend to utilise, how much do you (or they) know about sending email campaigns? Managing mailing lists? Creating email sequences? You don’t want to sign up to a highly sophisticated platform if this is your first foray into email marketing. 

3. What other technology you use in your business

This is a HUGE reason why I don’t like people vaguely talking up the email platform they personally use. Integrating your email marketing software with your other pieces of business software is insanely important. I’m talking about things like your website, your project management software, your invoicing software, your calendar software, and so much more. 

Those three points should be at the absolute core of your decision when comparing email marketing platforms in Australia. 

Secondary considerations 

1. Reporting capabilities

 Your email marketing efforts are only as good as what you can report on so this is something you should scope out in detail. How well does the platform track bounces and spam complaints? How good is their link tracking? Can you integrate with Google Analytics? Can you create segments based on email activity? 

2. Automation capabilities

This is a biggie because it can vary widely from platform to platform. Can you create email sequences? Can you create sequences with multiple steps? How well are you able to segment your sequences? Can you conduct A/B tests? Can you segment your sequence based on email behaviour (like opens and clicks)?

Even if you don’t intend to create email automations initially (or at all), you’re better off starting on a platform with more capability if you’re tossing up. You never know, you might change your mind. And *spoiler alert* – you should!

3. Design capabilities 

Does the platform come with pre-built templates? If so, how many? How modern is the template builder? Can you custom code your emails (should you want to)? Can you create plain text emails (that look as though they’re sent directly from your Gmail or Outlook account)?

4. Channel capabilities

Can the software also send SMS messages? Push notifications? In-app messages? Facebook chat messages? While you may or may not need this capability now, it’s also handy to have if the option is there (but shouldn’t necessarily be the deciding factor in choosing to go with one platform over another).

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