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How long does it take to get started with email marketing?

Are you not sure how to start email marketing? Maybe you’re procrastinating getting started or maybe you were consistently sending emails once upon a time but you’ve fallen off the bandwagon? 

If any of those statements ring true, I’ve got some good news. This is just the blog for you. 

I’m diving into what you need to be doing to get started with effective email marketing. How much time do you need to spend on it? And what actions do you need to take at a minimum? Let’s explore!

How to start email marketing in 4 simple steps

You’re going to need to:

1. Choose and set up your email marketing platform

This is a decision you don’t want to get wrong if you can avoid it. For a helping hand jump over to our website and take our free email platform matchmaker quiz!

2. Start growing your email marketing lists

Add a signup form to your website and start promoting your mailing list in your marketing (e.g. in your social posts and bios, in your blog posts, when you’re networking, etc)

3. Setup an email welcome sequence

So when someone joins your list you’re immediately starting to build a relationship with them and are setting their expectations correctly in regards to what and when they can expect to hear from you.

4. Consistently nurture your mailing lists

I recommend sharing value with your audience via email monthly, at a minimum. Why? So they don’t forget who the heck you are.

If you leave it too long between sends your audience is more likely to forget why they subscribed to your mailing list in the first place. And this is an express ticket to being flagged as spam or earning yourself a new unsubscriber.

If you don’t have the ability to write an email for your audience each month (and can’t afford to outsource the task), you’re not ready to start email marketing. But I’d strongly encourage you to make the time.

Emails don’t have to be (and more often than not, shouldn’t be) essays. If you’re already creating blog content or social media content, you can absolutely repurpose this in your emails to speed up the process.

How much time do I need to start email marketing? 

If you take our email platform matchmaker quiz, you can make the decision of what email marketing platform to use in under five minutes. 

From there, creating an account with your platform of choice is just like most other subscriptions – enter your payment details (or not – if you’re opting for a free option!) and voila! 

Creating a form and adding to your website? Even if making changes to your website isn’t your favourite, most platforms make it so easy I’d be surprised if it takes an hour.

Updating your social bios and creating a post or Instagram story about it? Can be done in minutes.

In short, give yourself a half day and you should be able to smash out:

  • Email marketing platform choice + setup 
  • The first steps for growing your mailing list – Adding a signup form to your website and promoting your list on your existing marketing channels
  • Writing a welcome email that gets sent to new subscribers
  • Writing your first email newsletter


If you’d rather pay an expert to help you build some quick momentum, get it all done for you!

With your first couple of emails in the bag, you can start to see what content is resonating with your audience – an awesome way to get energised about your email efforts.

Email marketing is our jam! So, of course, we offer email marketing services for small business owners who wanna create smart email campaigns and sequences (that bring in more cashola and leave your audience hungry for more).

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